Supporting vascular health since 1968

The original French pine bark supplement

pine-bark-supplementThe original pine bark supplement contains the authentic extract from the bark of the French maritime pine. The first extract that crossed the US border was shipped from Bordeaux by Dr. Jack Masquelier’s company (CEP). This botanical compound sold as a supplement of pine bark extract was the world’s first extract invented and brought to perfection, by Masquelier during the 1960s of the 20th century. The compound of this French maritime pine bark supplement finds it origin in the vast pine forests of Les Landes in the South-west of France, where Masquelier, during one of his walks, was struck by the idea that the thick bark of the Pinus maritima, the Sea Pine, acts as an envelope that protects the saps going up and down through the stem, from roots to needles and vice versa. In this sandy and swampy corner of France, at the border of the Atlantic ocean, sun, winds and salt offer a hostile environment for men, animals and plants.

Health benefits of the original French maritime pine bark supplement

Years later, Masquelier’s idea came to fruition, when clinical studies proved his pine tree bark extract to be a great asset in the field of vascular health. This human research led to an official authorisation of the extract for use as a vasculo-protective herbal remedy. It has been marketed in France under the name of Flavan® and is still available at every pharmacy in France. No other French pine bark supplement can boast such a long and firm history of use in the field of vascular health. In fact, the success of Flavan’s® set the stage for the shipment of the first kilograms of pine tree bark extract to the US in 1987, to be sold as the first Pine Bark Supplement. This botanical remedy is today available in MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Supplement at health food stores and on our website. It’s the authentic French Flavan® that was brought to market in 1968.

Masquelier’s acknowledgement for his work on pine bark extract

Those early years of pine tree bark extract were also marked by a series of French, British and American patents granted to Masquelier and his co-workers. On April 1, 1969, the US Patent Office granted Masquelier and scientific colleagues US Patent 3,436,407 concerning the extraction and application of the extract, today found in MASQUELIER’s® pine bark supplement. These patents reflect the fact that Masquelier’s work on pine tree bark extract took place in a “rat race” search for the compound that scientists of those days had informally named “vitamin P.”

Pine Bark Supplement: a great asset in the field of vascular health

According to Masquelier in the aforementioned US Patent, his invention concerned a “new compound” that he positively identified as “an active element of a bioflavonoid or vitamin P factor.” With “P” for permeability, Vitamin P stands for “vascular permeability factor.” This is the effective co-factor of vitamin C in the curing and prevention of scurvy. Whether Masquelier’s French Pine Bark Supplement’s active principle is a genuine vitamin still remains to be seen. But there’s no doubt that it is a genuine and highly effective capillary “Permeability Factor.”

MASQUELIER's® French Maritime Pine Bark Supplements

MASQUELIER’s® French Maritime Pine Bark Supplement helps the overall condition of the circulatory system by keeping it’s vasculature supple and flexible. The broader effect of good circulation is that it procures the delivery of nutrient to all organs and tissues of the body.